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Group Discounts For Massage Therapy On-Site

To show our appreciation to those in our community that help serve us all, we have a Group Discount Program that entitles certain individuals to receive discounts based on a percentage off every session. Discounts for Massage Therapy help keep sessions affordable to the people we feel are the pillars of the community.

You may only be a member of ONE group. Membership is activated once you have sent sufficient proof of claim for membership in a specific group. Group Discounts are only good for online purchases.

Massage Discounts For University Students

Currently enrolled students currently enrolled in college in New Jersey, New York, or any other state, are entitled to a steep discount. We know how costly higher education can be, and that a Therapeutic Massage session isn't quite a priority for many students, with costs of textbooks, tuition, and everything else.

If paying online, e-mail or fax a copy of your (current) student ID card. A discount will be applied to your account. If you're planning to pay with cash, please present your student ID to the therapist when paying. The discount rate for students is 25% off.

Massage Discounts For Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel

If you currently serve in the US Armed Forces, or are a US Armed Forces Veteran, you are entitled to a 15% Group Discount.

Send and e-mail to let us know your veteran staus and we'll edit your online account so that you receive the Massage Discount automatically. Please fax or e-mail a photo of your Veteran's Identification Card or (tan colored) Active Duty ID Card (DD Form 1173). If you're paying by cash, just present the card when paying for your session in person.

Massage Discounts For Seniors (70 +)

Our elders also benefit from massage therapy. Discounts are also available for those over the age of 70. Massage Discount for this group: 15%.

Please fax or email proof of age.

Massage Discounts For Veteran Seniors (65 +)

Send email to let us know your veteran staus and we'll edit your online account so that you receieve the Massage Discount automatically. Please fax or e-mail a photo of your Veterna's Identification Card.

Please also fax or email proof of age. 20% Off Each Session

Group Massage Discounts For Nonprofits

Is your nonprofit group interested in massage? There is a discount program that we have just for you and your associates. In-office massage is a great way to keep your staff sharp. (Click to View more about this at our Corporate Mobile Massage page)

Nonprofit Group Massage Discount: 10% off every session.

Massage Discounts For Teachers & Educators

Our kids' teachers are lighting the way for our future, and are often underappreciated. Educators, whether for the young, middle aged, or elderly, all the way from the elementary to the college level, help people to learn and grow. Good for both schools and educational facilities utilizing our services, as well as for individuals employed as educators. Fax or e-mail proof of employment.

Educators' Massage Discount: 10% off every session.

Police, EMS, and Firefighter Massage Discounts

The people doing these jobs keep our society safe and secure,and make sure life continues as smoothly for all of us, as is possible. They face potential unknown danger each day at their jobs serving the greater community good. These individuals deal with stress beyond belief. Fax or e-mail proof of employment.

Police Massage Discount: 10% off every session.



Please click on the '@ Contact Us' button at bottom-left to access our inquiry form, or use the button at the top of this page. Feel free to also call us at 877 480 8038 for more information or to book an appointment.

Cash, PayPal, CashApp, GooglePay, Credit Cards, and Gift Certificates accepted. Insurance plans accepted: County / Municipal Health Care Plans (NJ), Independent Health Flex Fit, Preferred Care, No-Fault with Authorization

Note: We offer *strictly* therapeutic massage therapy. We do *NOT* offer as€nsual u'massage', in any form.


Red Cross CPR Training For Massage Therapists Web Page NCTMB - National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Web Site




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